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1505, 2013

What you should know about legal separation

Taking the steps to get a legal separation in Charlotte, NC can be a difficult, confusing process. Some people are unsure of what to do while others wonder whether it's even necessary to legally separate.

805, 2013

What is an estate planning attorney?

Charlotte, NC residents need to know that estate planning is an important process that protects you financially and personally. Estate planning attorneys serve many functions related to your desires for your belongings and assets after

205, 2013

Six important questions to ask a divorce lawyer

Choosing a divorce lawyer is one of the most important decisions people in Charlotte, NC must make when getting a divorce. You want your rights represented vigorously and you also want to work with someone

303, 2013

Uncontested Divorce Workshop

Divorce causes major life changes. It can be very difficult to navigate and if done improperly can cause undue emotional and financial harm. To help keep that from happening, Meek Law Firm will be conducting

102, 2013

Do I need estate planning?

Most people do not think about their own death on a regular basis. I would suggest that it is not something that you should do all the time simply because it is somewhat depressing. The