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1203, 2015

Your business needs an experienced law firm

Business law is an integral component of the legal system. Your company needs an experienced law firm to represent it anytime an issue crops up, which could potentially involve an employee, a customer, a regulatory

1802, 2015

Estate planning attorney offers peace of mind

After years of toiling, you will almost certainly want your hard-earned money and assets to go into the hands of your loved ones upon your passing. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of not securing

1212, 2014

Why should I have a separation agreement?

A separation agreement is a legally binding agreement filed by a married couple in a court of law that addresses the rights and responsibilities of both spouses while they are living apart and contemplating divorce.

1611, 2014

It is crucial that you have a living will

A living will, which is also known as an advanced directive, is a legal certificate or document that an individual has drawn up to let people know his or her wishes concerning life prolonging medical