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1707, 2014

Can Meek Law Firm help with domestic partner rights?

Under state law, same-sex marriage is not permitted in North Carolina. Additionally, marriages between same-sex partners performed in states where such is allowed are not recognized in North Carolina. Due to this lack of legal

1305, 2014

How can a lawyer help with my legal separation?

Initiating a legal separation is a life-changing event that can be emotionally wrenching. Hiring an attorney to protect your interests is critical. Your own decision-making abilities may be impaired by your mental state so a

904, 2014

North Carolina child support calculator

In North Carolina, for families making less than $25,000 per month the financial obligation for child support is set by state guidelines. The NC Child Support Calculator on our site uses those guidelines in conjunction

1703, 2014

How can a lawyer help with divorce mediation?

When it is possible, settling the terms of a divorce with mediation is beneficial for both parties. There is far less emotional turmoil when both sides can agree on terms without a court fight. Some

1502, 2014

Do I need a lawyer to handle my divorce?

Divorce cases can be emotionally wrenching and they can also be complex. This is a bad pairing of factors that leads many people to make decisions they come to regret with time and distance. It