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311, 2016

The Most Common Questions About Power of Attorney

Image Courtesy of Blue Diamond Gallery There are many things that people assume when they hear the term “power of attorney”. There are already some misconceptions about the meaning of the terms used

1110, 2016

What You Need To Know About Separation Agreements In NC

When it comes to family law, two of the most common issues that require legal advice are divorce and separation. There are certain provisions of divorce law that are unique to North Carolina, among them is the separation agreement. One

2009, 2016

Business Contract Basics – Important Tips and Advice

Image Courtesy of Pixabay When getting into any business transaction with an individual, organization or commercial entity, you hope and expect that your objectives and intentions will be met. While most people operate

609, 2016

Trusteeship – Do You Know What It Involves?

Image Courtesy of Get A Living Trust Trusts are created to provide financial security for a person’s beneficiaries and they come in several forms. A trust can be for individuals or an organization.