Business Contracts and Transactions

A sound legal contract can save you money on legal fees – but only if you hire a law firm that thoroughly understands business contracts and transactions.

Contracts exist so that everyone understands what each party’s rights, responsibilities and expectations are in a business transaction. The idea is to make sure that as many contingencies as possible are covered. Hiring a lawyer to draft your contract now will pay off later in the time you will not spend dealing with lawsuits and the attorney fees that go with them.

Meek Law Firm of Charlotte will take the time to sit down with you to understand your reason for needing a contract and the particularities of it. What sorts of things could arise that might keep you from delivering on time? What sorts of problems might you encounter along the way? What is the best way for you to receive payment?

As your attorney we will explain to you every provision of the contract so that you understand what happens if you fail to perform. Are there damages that are assigned by the contract? Could you end up on the hook for the other side’s attorney fees?

And as your legal counsel we will be able to advise you regarding the correct negotiating strategy. We can show you how to get more bang for your buck with your contract. And we can  explain to you what the customary practices are for your industry.

Attorney Jonathan Meek is experienced in drafting businesses contracts that aid predictability, profitability and protection. Call (704) 848-6335 today for fill out the contact us form to schedule a consultation.

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