No one wants to go through a divorce, and no one enjoys the process. Lawyers are expensive, children are torn from both sides, and important life decisions are made for you by other adults who are strangers to you. If you wish to avoid these evils, collaborative divorce may be the answer for you.

In collaborative law, collaborative attorneys who are specially trained to handle such cases work with their clients to come up with creative solutions and agreements to resolve their differences. Meeting in a series of “four way conferences,” involving both spouses and their lawyers, the parties attempt to resolve all issues created by the end of the marriage.

One of the major issues in any divorce where minor children are involved is, of course, care and custody of the children. As opposed to traditional divorces, where the court may make all decisions as to custody based on testimony, collaborative law practitioners make recommendations to the couple as to how to structure an agreement in the best interests of their children.

Parties often find they prefer collaborative law because of the reduced cost and emotional toll. Additionally, it can lead to resolving the issues in a divorce much faster. Further, it is a good way of keeping your private issues private, and making sure that your “dirty laundry” is not aired in public.

In the event the divorcing couple cannot reach an agreement, the attorneys for each side may then take their clients through formal divorce proceedings.

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