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A durable power of attorney in North Carolina is an important document if you need an agent to act on your behalf for any reason. In case you suddenly become disabled, are located geographically too far away to sign legal documents, or experience unexpected losses, your agent will be able to sign or act on your behalf.

In the state of North Carolina, in order for the legal authority to be enacted, the paperwork has to be signed by the principal and has to be notarized. The durable portion of the power of attorney refers to the fact that the agreement remains active if the principal for any reason becomes incapacitated. Although the principal will retain the right to revoke the power of attorney at any time prior to the principal’s death.

The power of attorney gives someone, typically a spouse or a child, the power to act on your behalf. This is an important decision, so carefully consider your selection of an agent. Your durable power of attorney document can detail any special provisions that you wish and your attorney can help you draft a document that meets your needs.

If something happens to you and you do not have a durable power of attorney, the other option in North Carolina is what’s known as a guardianship proceeding. This proceeding is very costly and can be lengthy. It typically resolves in an appointment of a guardian for you after a petition is filed in court. If there are pertinent decisions to be made, a durable power of attorney will be an excellent way to have efficient decisions made for you rather than waiting for the guardianship proceeding.

Develop your durable power of attorney under the guidance of a qualified North Carolina attorney at Meek Law Firm. When drafted properly, a durable power of attorney provides the peace of mind and protection in knowing that an agent has been appointed to manage your affairs as you wish.

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