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Estate Planning
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You’ve devoted your life to your family, always making responsible decisions on their behalf and providing for their needs. Make your own end of life decisions and ensure that your loved ones will continue to be cared for when you’re gone with comprehensive Estate Planning from Meek Law Firm. We offer a full range of Estate Planning services to meet your complete satisfaction. Details of our services below:

Wills Law Firm

Wills – Simple Will / Will with Executor

A basic will should have enough information to make it obvious that you intend this document to be your living will. The names of the beneficiaries should be included within the will, as well as the name of the person who will execute your wishes. Your will should detail how you’d like the care of your children to be managed. It should also detail how you want your assets distributed.   more about Wills – Simple Will / Will with Executor…

Trusts Lawyer

Trusts Attorney

A trust is used to funnel some kind of assets to a beneficiary, and the trust sets up the stipulations and information about how these assets are to be transferred. There are a number of different kinds of trusts. The increasing variety of different kinds of trusts means that regardless of the unique family situation or the desires of the trust creator, there is likely a suitable arrangement.   more about Trusts Attorney…

Durable Power of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney is an important document if you need an agent to act on your behalf for any reason. For example, if you suddenly become disabled, are located geographically too far away to sign legal documents, or experience unexpected losses, your agent will be able to sign or act on your behalf. This is an important decision, so carefully consider your selection of an agent.   more about Durable Power of Attorney…

Healthcare Power of attorney

Healthcare Power of Attorney

A healthcare power of attorney designates a person or persons who are eligible to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated or otherwise unable to communicate. A normal adult is able to make these decisions on their own, but it’s important to have a plan in place in case something happens to your mental or physical health that renders you incapable of making major medical decisions.   more about Healthcare Power of Attorney…

Living Wills

Living Wills / Advanced Directive

A living will gives your health care providers the instructions to withhold or withdraw life-prolonging procedures in certain situations. There is no legal requirement that a person create a living will, but if you have particular medical wishes this may ensure they are carried out. If you create a living will, make sure that someone close to you is aware of it and a copy is accessible.   more about Living Wills / Advanced Directive…

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