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Every business venture is undertaken with the aim of realizing a significant return on one’s investment. To accomplish this, it’s critical to have both knowledge and solid advice on how to make it happen. Sound legal advice is particularly important as well. These factors will help your new venture become a success.

When you are just deciding to start a business, obviously one of the first things you will need to identify is a viable industry to enter into. With the increase in technology, there are lots of tech-related options to choose from. The following post discusses this area for new business in detail:

The Software Startup Sectors Raising the Most Capital in 2017

Over the last seven years, software startup investing has changed quite a bit. In 2010, classic SaaS was booming, the benefits of a subscription model were finally becoming clear to the public markets and the mass-market. Since then, many other types of software businesses have been created in new categories like agriculture technology and robotics. Which of these markets are growing the fastest for investment dollars?

The chart above breaks out 14 different software categories and shows the amount of dollars invested in each category indexed to 2010 levels. In other words, if machine learning startups raised the same amount of money in 2016 is 2010, the chart would show a value of 1. If those startups raised twice the amount of capital then the figure would be 2. Read more at Tomasz Tunguz…

Observing trends is important. It will help you have realistic expectations for the future. Keeping up with the latest stats will also advise you on the best ways to guide your business so that your returns are maximized.

meek law firm charlotte nc business contract law jonathan meek family law estate administration

One of the greatest challenges in business startups is raising adequate capital. You need it to kickstart the business and get it to the point where it can start generating its own working capital. The following post discusses how to do this:

The Fundraising Wisdom That Helped Our Founders Raise $18B in Follow-On Capital

Two years ago, our team at First Round, led by Partner Bill Trenchard and VP Platform Brett Berson, began to quietly build out a program to help our founders navigate the choppy waters of follow-on fundraising. Long had we observed founders caught off guard by what was needed to raise their Series A after having a relatively easy time at the seed stage (only further exacerbated by an influx of seed funding in the market). All together, we have immense knowledge in fundraising that we’ve accrued witnessing our companies raise over 1,000 rounds and $18 billion in follow-on funding. It’s possible for startup founders to know more about almost every facet of company-building, but fundraising is one area where we’ll always be able to offer more experience. Read more at First Round…

meek law firm charlotte nc business contract law jonathan meek family law estate administration

Even when the money starts to flow, there can be unexpected setbacks. The team behind driving giant Uber found this out the hard way. What seemed like a tremendous growth opportunity didn’t quite pan out:

Uber just suffered its largest setback — and startups should take note

Uber is throwing in the towel in China.

After a gruelling ground war, the California-based ride-hailing company is officially selling its Chinese unit to its rival in the country, Didi Chuxing.

Uber has suffered through extreme regulatory scrutiny, driver assaults, controversy over background checks and of digging up dirt on critics, and more. But this is something else. China is the world’s most populous country, with a market consistently touted by Uber as a source of opportunity.

Uber’s withdrawal is the greatest setback in the company’s seven-year history — and a rude awakening for many in the venture-capital-funded startup ecosystem.  Read more at Business Insider…

meek law firm charlotte nc business contract law jonathan meek family law estate administration

Whether you intend to start up a business or to invest in a business as a venture capitalist, there are critical details about business law you need to be aware of. Without this information, you could end up with expensive losses. A skilled business attorney will make sure that you remain on the right legal footing.

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