Living Wills Attorney

A living will gives your health care providers the instructions to withhold or withdraw any life-prolonging procedures or actions in certain situations.

While there isn’t a legal requirement that a person must create a living will, if you have particular medical wishes, this may be important so that your wishes are carried out. If you choose to have a living will, make sure that someone close to you is aware of it and that a copy is filed safely somewhere.

The living will is an extension of the choices you have made for your life if you were still able to communicate your wishes. In the event that you cannot communicate your wishes, the living will (also known as an advanced directive) will be binding for your choices. Although there are various tools to help you think about and draft the basics for a living will, it is best to communicate with a licensed attorney to ensure that your advanced directive is in line with North Carolina law. It must be signed with two witnesses and a notary public or it is not valid. READ MORE