Life can be very unpredictable. You never really know how things will turn out, which is why it’s important to make plans now that will help secure your future. For many people, this planning is heavily focused on finances. However, it’s also important to think about your health and end-of-life wishes. Creating a long-term plan that addresses these critical issues will provide you and your loved ones with greater peace of mind.

Your health is your wealth, as the saying goes, and there are multiple ways you can protect it using advance directives. Learn more about this in the following post:

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Advance Directives

Most people do not want to think about death and dying — so they don’t. Until they have to.

Unfortunately, that often means that families are left struggling with difficult decisions about important matters, such as whether or not Mom would like to be kept alive using a ventilator, or who should be in charge of managing Dad’s financial affairs, because Mom or Dad never made clear what they wanted for themselves.

Advance directives are important tools for anyone to have, because even the healthiest person could experience a sudden accident and not be able to speak for herself. But when you have a life-threatening illness, it’s particularly critical to make clear, in writing, what your wishes are should the time come when you can’t express them yourself. Read more at WebMD…

As noted, there are different ways to address your needs. You could choose to have a living will or use the power of attorney, as the post above explains.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a medical power of attorney, but aren’t too sure what it’s about. The following post will shed light on this crucial planning tool:

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What Is a Medical Power of Attorney?

A medical power of attorney is not your lawyer’s secret ability to spin three times and turn into a doctor—even though that would be really cool. But it is a pretty powerful document that relates to the law, your health and your entire family. So, a medical power of attorney is definitely something worth learning about!

What Is a Medical Power of Attorney?

A medical power of attorney (medical POA or health POA) is a legal document you use to name an agent and give them the authority to make tough medical decisions for you. A medical POA is different from a normal POA (which is more general) or a financial POA (which is similar but for your money).

The agent can only use the power a medical POA gives them if your doctor says you’re unable to make key decisions for yourself. So, for obvious reasons, this should be someone you’d trust with your life. Read more at Dave Ramsey…

Thinking about being in a situation where you’re incapacitated is difficult. However, it would be worse to actually have it happen when you don’t have measures in place to guide your loved ones through the difficult decisions they would face.

You may be wondering if it would be wise to have the same person overseeing your finances and making your medical decisions when you are unable. Read the following post for more insight:

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Financial vs. Medical Power of Attorney: An Overview

A power of attorney is an authorization that allows an individual to make decisions on behalf of a specific person. In the case of a financial and medical power of attorney an individual has the right to designate a power of attorney to make decisions for them. Choosing people you trust to hold your medical and financial powers of attorney gives you more control over your interests and ensures your wishes are followed. In looking at these two designations it can be important to know the differences, specifically when deciding whether you should appoint the same person to hold both of these directives. Read more at Investopedia…

The issues discussed in this blog post can be complicated. It’s important to get the advice and assistance you need from an experienced attorney. Jonathan Meek of Meek Law Firm will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your wishes are fully documented and will be legally recognized. For more information, contact him today. Call (704) 848-6335 to schedule a consultation appointment.