Real Estate Attorney Charlotte NC

Real Estate Attorney Charlotte NC
Real Estate Closing lawyer Charlotte NC

Real Estate Closings:
Informed, Efficient and Error Free Closings.
That’s our promise.

Meek Law firm is proud to offer our legal real estate service to buyers and sellers of residential real estate in the metro Charlotte, North Carolina. It is my hope that you will choose our firm to handle your next real estate transaction.

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We have a Higher Standard of practice in Real Estate

  • We will work diligently to ensure that you are comfortable with the closing process and understand the timeline and how we will work together to ensure your closing happens on time.
  • We are customer service driven so that we can be efficient for our clients.
  • We have built our practice on outstanding customer service that efficiently and effectively handles our clients transactions.
  • While we can never guarantee that a closing will happen exactly as planned, we have taken the time to plan for contingencies and we are prepared to respond efficiently.
  • Our focus is on the here and now and making sure that your closing is delivered error free and on time.

We understand the time sensitive nature of the closing process and we are focused on providing informed, efficient and comprehensive closing services for your real estate purchase or refinance.

Our Services

  • We perform the title search – once the contract is signed, that is when we get to work ordering a title search for the property.
  • Coordinate with Agents – we will coordinate with your agents to ensure that you have clear title and coordinate the execution of all documents required for closing.
  • Acquire title insurance for the buyers – we will work with a title insurance company to obtain a title commitment based upon the title review that we have prepared.
  • Work with Lenders and parties to prepare all closing documents – if a lender is involved in the transaction we will work directly with them to secure a the loan package.
  • Prepare the deed for the sellers – we will prepare the deed to be signed and filed after closing
  • Perform the closing – we perform the closing at our main office or at one of our satellite locations that is convenient to the client. We provide on-site and remote Closings at the clients convenience
  • Record and disburse – we will record all documents the day of closing and disburse funds within 24 hours.

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Let us put our experienced team to work for you in performing your title search and acquiring title insurance.One of the most important processes in selling or purchasing any real estate is the title search and acquiring title insurance. It can be a painstaking and tedious task if you’re facing it alone, but at Meek Law Firm South we put our experienced team to work in coordinating the process for you.

Once your contract is signed, we get to work right away ordering a title search for the property. The title search allows us to ensure a seller is an actual title owner and determine if there are any liens on the title. This process ultimately leads to obtaining title insurance which is designed to protect you, the buyer and/or the lender from losses and liabilities arising from title defects.

There are usually two kinds of title insurance. The first is an owner’s title insurance. It safeguards the owner from title defects. The second is a lender’s title insurance, which protects the lender against losses if the title is defective.

Our team stands ready to assist with this process, working to coordinate with agents and other parties to ensure you have a clean title and prepare all the documentation you need to successfully navigate your real estate transaction.

You’re excited about selling or purchasing your new home, but if you’re like most people,
the challenging and tedious task of preparing all the documents you need to make it happen, such as deed preparation, is not appealing. At Meek Law Firm South, our experienced team will work to cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s and ensure you can close on your sale or purchase as soon as possible.Buying or selling a home is a long process, and one of the most important parts of the proceeding is accurately preparing the deed, along with all other closing documents. Mistakes during the deed preparation process can be costly, which is why you need an attorney who is well-versed in real estate law.

Meek Law Firm South will also assist in ensuring you choose the right kind of deed for your needs. In preparing your deed, our expertise will guarantee you have a free and clean title. Once prepared, your sale will be nearly complete, with you being one step closer to your closing. After your closing, we can also file your deed. We take care of the details, and you sit back relaxed knowing your sale or purchase is in good hands.

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